Vision Board Classes


Lot’s of people tell me that they could never write a book. They’re just not creative. They tell me that they have always wanted to do this or that or the other thing but they just never get around to it.

That non-accomplishment isn’t because they aren’t capable, it’s that they haven’t set their intention to do whatever it is they want to do.

Vision boards help you set that intention. Attention to the idea is powerful. Where your attention goes, your energy flows.

I can help you focus your attention through a vision board class.

This all day class is “you” time. The time you need to really get into your heart and mind and figure out what you want.

Classes are $65 for the day, 9am – 5pm. Location is Payson, Arizona. If you want to, I can travel to you and your organization’s retreat or workshop. Contact me for details.

At the end, you’ll emerge refreshed, renewed and with a focus that will help you reach your ideal state.

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