Yellowstone Trip and Heat Wave: Monday Blog Post

Mammoth Hot Springs

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So we went to Yellowstone National Park last week, that’s why there was no Monday blog post on the 12th. We arrived on Saturday, temps in the 50’s. Sunday we took a bus tour of the lower half of the park. Cold and rainy. Monday, hung out with my friend, JA Marlow, who works in Yellowstone, and the day was clear and sunny and hot! That is right up till 5pm when a storm blew in and it started snowing. Yep, 75 degrees to 32 degrees in about an hour and a half. Crazy.

Bison Calf Studies Us as we Drive By

We took a ton o’ pictures. I took a video of Old Faithful and a couple of other sites. Those will be on my newsletter so if you aren’t signed up for that, now’s the time. Loved the park. We had several run-ins with bison (not buffalo!), saw a coyote, a couple of antelope, elk, and magpie’s.

Along the Yellowstone River, This Fellow was watching the traffic go by.

I had watered the garden heavily the day before we left and when we returned home, the garden had done well even with the high temps. Peas are already flowering and a couple of pods are present. Beans, squashes and tomatoes are in good shape. One of the serrano pepper plants is down for the count but the other one has blossoms on it so I’m calling that a win. The potatoes and garlic are dying back. I pulled up my elephant garlic and it’s drying.  The regular garlic, in a pot, has also died back. After the elephant garlic is dried, I’ll pull the regular.

For my SciFi readers, I mentioned last week that I finished the edits on Tested, the fourth book in the Brown Rain series and sent it off to the editor. I should have that back in a week. I’m still thinking about the cover. I’d like to get a picture of a college administration building for the cover. What do you think?


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I have an interview scheduled to run on Wednesday the 21st with mystery author Colleen Mooney. Colleen was born and lived much of her live in New Orleans before a job moved her to other cities.  Back now, in The Big Easy, she writes a cozy mystery series set in New Orleans. It’s called The New Orleans Go Cup Chronicles and the third book, Drive Thru Murder, was released in early April. If you can’t wait to see what Colleen is up to, check out her website at

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I’m a late registrant to the Westercon conference held this year in Tempe, Arizona. I’m scheduled to sit on some panels and I have a reading and some signings scheduled. I don’t know yet if I’m going to get a Dealer’s table to sell books but I’ll definitely sell books at my signings. I’ve never been to this con and it’s been going on for seven decades! I hope you can make it. Check out all the fun at

July 22nd is the Payson Book Festival. I have to say, this festival has turned into quite a thing. Over 600 people came to it last year. The tables have already been filled with over 80 authors. You can find out who is attending at The event is free to visitors and starts at 9am and runs until 3:30pm. Details about the location, video from last year, and more, can be found on the site.

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