Payson Book Festival, Spring Fed Stream: Monday Blog Post

Horton Creek

Newest News:

This is the week! Saturday the 17th is our 6th annual book festival. Over 70 authors, a Kid’s Zone, country entertainment, it’s all here. See below for the details or go to to check out the authors attending, the Kid Zone and Entertainment schedules, and where to stay when you visit Payson.

I mentioned last week that I ordered more of my Mystery at the Fair and Mystery in the Woods. Will they get here in time for Saturday’s book festival? We’ll see!

Last minute details on the book festival continue this week! We assemble our author’s packets today (the 12th), I have three other meetings and a lunch to attend. Also, I’d like to get a mani-pedi on Friday afternoon. Just to take a mental break and relax before Saturday’s event. A little “me time” I guess. What do you do before a big, nerve-wracking event for self-care? Maybe something afterward instead of beforehand? Let us know in the comments!

The weather here in central Arizona is hot and humid. It’s supposed to be monsoon season when afternoon thunderstorms water the land and relieve the heat. But it isn’t happening. Yesterday was a good example. I spent the morning at the Farmer’s Market, advertising for the book festival. Even with a canopy up and a breeze, it felt like we were standing at the open mouth of hell. Hot! And storm clouds gathered, driving up the humidity. But did we get the rain? Nope. A few random drops. So for you in the east, who are struggling with way too much rain, I wish we could take some from you. For those of us here in the heat addled west, may the rains come soon. In the meantime, the above picture is of a spring fed stream here in Rim Country.

Hoping everyone is able to access a covid shot, or two if needed. The delta variant of the virus is racing through my county. Hospitalizations have jumped three-fold and the majority of the people hitting the ERs are unvaccinated. We’ll only beat this disease if we all work together. Please schedule your vaccination as soon as you can. The shots are still free!


Our Spring giveaway will end tomorrow or maybe sooner. Then, the summer giveaway will begin. So hop on over to the page with the following link and get in on the prizes. to enter.


Where will I Be?

On July 17th, starting at 9am – 3:30pm I’ll be at the Payson Book Festival! Yes!! That’s correct! The Payson Book Festival is a GO! You’ll be able to visit us in person, meet authors, and have some fun picking out your next books to read. See more at


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