Friday Flash Fiction: Poetry

Hello All.

Sorry about posting late. I’ve been travelling all week but I’m back at home now.

Since April is National Poetry month, I thought today I’d share some of the little poems I’ve created this month.

I’ve been following a site that has put up a different poetry form everyday called, Stephanie Says So,, if you’d like to play along.

I’m no Longfellow, but these are fun, even a little silly. Enjoy.

The First Day

The first day,

The birthday,

The fool’s day,

The Risen day.

So many meanings,

So many blessings,

So many people,

Enjoying this day.



Sunshine outdoors

Climbing rocks, views to the sky

Movement, breezes, mountains, trees, birds.

It’s good to feel so free.


Spring Has Sprung

Spring has sprung, it has been sung.

Sweet air, I taste it on my tongue.

Lovely flowers, they have sprung.


Glad to be Alive

I like to hike but

It’s a long drive to the mountains

Where peace lies waiting

When I’m there the air so fresh

Makes me glad to be alive



It’s a bright, warm, day without a cloud.

I went to the store, saw a crowd

All trying to check out now.

It took some time, it did.

When my turn came then

I checked out fast.

No one wants

To be