My New Book, Recall, is now Available!

I’ve been revising, reviewing and designing the cover for this book since January and it’s finally out!

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If you get it, I’d appreciate a review.

Rainy Days and Mondays

Unusually for central Arizona, it’s been raining for the last two and a half days. That’s given me plenty of time to finish my revisions on my current work in progress (WIP), working title is Recall. At the moment, it’s 200 manuscript pages.

I went to the local office/mailing supply place and had a fresh copy printed off (there’s no way anyone could have read the manuscript I did my revisions on, too messy.).  Taking heart in hand, I took it to a friend, a retired editor, and handed it to her for a check. We’ll see how it goes.

Now, I can focus for a bit on getting some short stories outlined, one short story finished and self published, and a novella started on the revision path. Lots to do while the other story is with my friend.

I’m so excited.

Game of 7’s, Author Style

I was going to do something else for today’s post but this came by me this morning in one of my facebook writer groups and I thought it a great idea. The below snippet is from a novel I’m in the middle of revising and I haven’t revised that section yet so you’re getting the raw, unedited, first draft of my novel with the working title of Recall.

Who doesn’t love a Game of Sevens, author-style? Thanks for the tag, Jamie Raintree!

Go to either page 7 or 77 of your manuscript. Count down 7 lines, then copy the next 7 lines to your status. After that, invite 7 more authors to come out and play.

…face. He easily grabbed her other hand and tied it down.
He stood back, his eyes roaming over every inch of her body. She thought she would retch. Tears were running down the sides of her head, soaking the sheet under her head.
Reaching out to stroke her flat belly he said, “My, my, who knew under all those frumpy clothes you were such a firm little peach. Delicious.”

Chapter 17
The door opened and Abernathy stood there in his dockers and polo shirt, feet bare.
“Alan? Hi! It’s late, something wrong? Come in.” His friend looked surprised, then concerned.

From Working Title: Recall

If you’re an author, play along!

Book Review – The Tokaido Road

I just finished a lovely book by Lucia St. Clair Robsen called The Tokaido Road. It was recommended to my husband by his brother. My husband found it in the local library and liked it so much he read it quickly and passed it to me.

A story about a young samaurai woman, determined to avenger her father’s death, it takes us through 1700’s Japan. I loved the realistic depiction of Japanese culture, fashion, hair do’s and language. The book is based on an actual historical event in Japanese history and brings us along on the young woman’s journey.

If you love a good action story, love the feel of a lush and rich story world, you’ll love this biik. There are swords, danger, chases, and love. I recommend it highly.

August NaNo Finished


I wrote over 3000 words yesterday to finish my August National Novel Writing Month (NaNo for short).  It finished with about 50,600 words, the working title is Recall.  I like the way it ended but even while I was writing it I was taking notes on places that I need to fact check, reword  or generally make more descriptive.   The title needs work too.

That will come later, December or January.  I need space from it right now to give me better perspective on it later.

Now, I can focus on Flash Fiction Friday, preparing my outline for the November NaNo and next week, I’m the Northern Gila County Fair VP of Exhibits.  I’ll be very busy next week!