AZ Creates Podcast Appearance, My Garden, A New Story Idea: Monday Blog Post

Newest News:

This is the week! My Youtube podcast interview with Laurie Fagen and AZ Creates, will be posted at 7pm on May 27th! I thought it was a great interview. Even better, once the link is up, you’ll be able to see it at anytime that’s convenient for you. I’ll have the link on my website. First on my blog, then in my media page for viewing at any time. I’ll post it on Facebook as well. Join me for my interview!

Garden Rose with Shower Sprinkles

This is the time of year everyone talks about their garden. Whether it’s a container on your balcony or a quarter acre in the back yard, we are all excited about the growing season. I need to spread my new garden dirt and go down to the garden shop and pick up some small plants. Some fencing too, if we want anything to survive the chipmunks and squirrels. My herbs are doing very well. I have ground lamb to turn into mini-meatballs for tonight’s pasta dinner and my oregano will be just the thing to mince up and include in the meat and sauce. Yum. I’m looking forward to that.

Lonely Old Woman From x1 2015

Anyone listen to their local FM Radio? I do. And Saturday I had it on while I did up the breakfast dishes. A song which I’m very familiar with came on the air. You may know it, Only 100 years. I had to look up the proper title and band, which is Five For Fighting and the song title, “100 Years”, from their album, The Battle For Everything. The song, always kind of melancholy and sad, brought me to tears over my dishwater. A sign of old age I suspect as when it first came out in 2004, I was not as emotional about those 100 years. I bring this all up because an actual story idea, probably a flash or short story, popped into mind with the song as the base of it. Over twenty-four hours later and the story is still bubbling in my back brain. It may turn into something or not. I’ll have to take some time to put words to screen. Is there a song that just brings you to tears? I’d love to hear why. Share in the comments if you like.

Hoping everyone is able to access a covid shot, or two if needed. We’ll only beat this disease if we all work together.


Our Spring giveaway is now live. New with this giveaway is a video graphic to show the books and prizes. How cool is this! Big thanks to Lynn Lamb, one of our administrators, for this lovely graphic. Check out the link at to enter.

Where will I Be?

Artists on AZ Creates! for May

An established novelist from Payson is one of the guests in May for the final season episodes of AZ Creates!, a YouTube web series television show highlighting artists and authors. Other interviewees include creatives from Chandler, Tucson and Scottsdale.

In Episode 16, which premieres May 27, the Creative Connection artists are actors Harold and Maedell Dixon of Tucson. Husband and wife, both have performed off Broadway, where Harold also directed. They’ve worked in theatre, television and films, and both are long-time Actors Equity members.

Also on that program is author Connie Cockrell of Payson, who has written 20 books, is in five anthologies and published online. Following a 20-year Air Force career, she writes in many genres, and will be discussing her cozy mystery series.

In the program’s regular arts events segments, called “Something to Look Forward To,” co-host and graphic designer Cathy Beard of Chandler will highlight in-person and virtual art happenings from around the state.

The featured nonprofit for Episode 16, the Arizona Professional Writers will be highlighted.

The programs all close with a “Creative Quote of the Day.”

Episode #16 on May 27. All episodes are available on the AZ Creates! YouTube channel on demand, along with other video content.

AZ Creates! is a half-hour video web series to highlight artists, writers, dancers, musicians, film, theatre and TV creatives, and other artistic people in Arizona. Fagen, an artist and crime fiction novel writer, designed the program to connect art patrons with artists, and to work on a positive project during the COVID-19 pandemic. Fagen is resuming her work on “Bleeder,” book three in her mystery series.

Sponsors for the show are Sibley’s West, an Arizona and Chandler Gift Shop and Times Media.

Subscribe to the AZ Creates channel on at, visit the Art Online AZ Facebook and Instagram pages or email for details.

On July 17th, I’ll be at the Payson Book Festival! Yes!! That’s correct! The Payson Book Festival is now a GO! Details are being resolved, but you’ll be able to visit us, in person, meet authors, and have some fun picking out your next books to read. See more at


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