How To Revise Your Novel Special Gift Today Only

Have you ever taken a class, or read a How-To book, or had someone teach you a craft or a specific skill and later, you realized that what you learned there applies perfectly to a different project that you are doing now?

I have had that happen. When I took the How To Revise Your Novel, or HTRYN, back in the winter and spring of 2012, I thought I was learning how to edit a novel. I was so new I had no idea what I didn’t know. I was so green, every time another author mentioned something they were doing, like writing a bio to put on the back of their books, or they mentioned marketing or social media, I was completely clueless.

One thing that helped me was the HTRYN class. The structure of it taught me to break what seemed like monumental tasks, down into component parts. It taught me to really see how something is put together and how each part is related to the whole. It changed how I approached new tasks. It gave me the confidence to take on new challenges.

If you’re interested in a step-by-step approach to making your novel the best it can be, if you want to learn how to approach new tasks with confidence, consider taking this class. It opens tomorrow Tuesday, December 8th at 10:00AM EST for just one week. Registration will close on Monday, the 17th at 11:59pm EST. Don’t miss this class. It will not be offered again for at least six months, perhaps a year. Full information and details about the class will be released tomorrow. Set your alarm!

Note: Today ONLY! Holly Lisle and I have a free gift for you if you sign up today. If you sign up, contact me by email at, and I’ll send you the link for your free gift.

Here are the links for joining and for the mini-workshop on revising.



Special News! How To Revise Your Novel!

Well, National Novel Writing Month is over. Whew! Due to travel, I missed several days and it took me just about down to the wire to make my fifty-thousand words. How about you? How did you do? Did you finish your novel? Have you read through it yet?

I know when I finished my first one, way back in November 2011, I was so excited. I’d actually written a whole book. While I was writing it, I was seeing the whole thing up on the big screen. I could see me on the red carpet on opening night dressed to the nines and waving to adoring fans. I imagined opening up the New York Times and seeing my name on the top ten list. Writing that book was an amazing accomplishment and I took December off to celebrate.

When I returned to my manuscript in January and read through it, I liked what I had done but it was rough, gangly, moving in fits and starts and jumping from one plot hole to the next. I knew something else had to be done with it. But what? I’d heard that editing was required before a manuscript could be published, but I didn’t know how to go about it.

I started to look around. Soon I found this author’s site that offered a class that would help me, step-by-step, revise my novel. The author is Holly Lisle and she’s doing it again. She’s offering a newly revised How to Revise Your Novel workshop.

If you’re interested in a step-by-step approach to making your novel the best it can be, consider taking this class. It opened today! If you’re ready now, you’ll get 3 free mini-classes! This offer closes on December 14th. Follow my link to


How I did in August and September’s Goals

Goal setting helps me keep on track with my writing. I established monthly goals in January and I try to report back to you all every month, just to keep myself honest. So here’s how it went.


– Write 4 Flash Fiction Friday Stories (one per week)

I did well, all four were done and posted on

– Update my Blog and Facebook Fan page (Both are titled ConniesRandomThoughts) weekly

Also completed, though I did miss August’s Merry-Go-Round Blog tour post on the 18th.

– Participate in August Camp NaNo

There was no August Camp NaNo. It was held in July and I did participate and win.

– Begin revising short stories

Did revise two. Dogs and Cats (see below in August’s Other Stuff, and The Reunion, and submitted that to the Southwest Authors contest. I’ll find out late September or October how I did with that.

– Submit TriPoint to publishers or self-publish

I’m still revising it. Changed the station’s (and series!) name to Gulliver Station. The  manuscript I’m working on, Hard Choices, (turns out to be the third book in the series) was drafted last November. I had to take time and work out all the science and make drawings of each level of the station.  It’s hard being a space station designer. To make it more difficult, all the measurements in the station are in metric. Ugh, math has never been my strong suite. However, now that all of that is finished, the other 3 books will be easier. Two are already drafted and the last one will be drafted in November.

-Other stuff

1. Did a class called Mugging the Muse by Holly Lisle,, and learned a lot about myself and how to write better. If you’re a new writer or an experienced author, check out her courses. Some are even free!

2. Submitted a short story, Dogs and Cats, to the Forward Motion site,, for their 2013 Anthology, Cats Eyes. The story was accepted!

3. My story, Just Add Copper, was submitted to the How To Think Sideways Anthology, The Adventure of Creation, and accepted back in June. The anthology was published in mid-August. Some great short stories in various genre’s by some great authors.


– Write 4 Flash Fiction Friday Stories (one per week)

– Update my Blog and Facebook Fan page (Both are titled ConniesRandomThoughts) weekly

– Continue to revise short stories

– Pull together an anthology of scary stories to release late September or early October for Halloween (This means revise all of the scary stories I already have, write more if needed, create a book cover, and format the book on both CreateSpace and Smashwords. Let’s see if I can get that all done!)

– Begin outline for November NaNo

I’ve got a lot to do, so I’d better stop talking about it and get on with it.

Just a reminder, my latest book, Recall, is on at

New Story has been Published!

The Adventure of Creation, an anthology by students of author Holly Lisle, (A Think Sideways Writers Anthology) is now for sale on multiple on-line retail outlets. I have a story in there called, Just Add Copper. There are 35 stories in the book and a forward by Holly, herself. I’d appreciate it if you would buy an e-copy or a paperback version. Here’s the link:


AND! I have my newest book, Recall up on a promotion on For a three more days, it will be free to download. Go to and use coupon code SW100. Go today. This promotion will END on the 31st so hurry!