Orchid Bloom, Healthy Eating, Word of the Year: Monday Blog Post


Newest News:

I was very pleased to find a second bloom on my orchid. The picture is above. It’s very satisfying to see, as I was pretty much convinced I was never going to be able to get that plant to flower again.

It’s peach harvesting time in Rim Country. Photo by Randy Cockrell

How many of us keep thinking we need to eat healthier? *Raises my hands and waves like a demented being!* On top of that, I’ve been seriously considering not only going back to being vegetarian, but going vegan. I’ve decided it’s time. I’ve started a raw food vegan way of eating. Will it last? I don’t know. Do I feel better about not eating animals who seem to have just as much fun with life, when we allow it, as we do? Yep. I’m certainly not hungry on this diet. And all of the food is really tasty. Kiwi, mango, banana, apple, dates, papaya, crisp green salads with cucumber, tomato, sweet peppers, and so much more. Nothing heavy. Nothing that makes me feel bloated. I’m loving it. I committed to go for a month then assess how I feel. Told my doc about it and she gave me a thumbs up. This is related to my next thoughts.

Word of the Year. I’ve done these before. Choose a word that will be my “catch word” for the year. One year it was the word Fortune, as I was embarking on doing some things that would help out my author business and selling of books. I’ve chosen other words in other years, but nothing that really grabbed me. I chose one in December of 2021 for this year and I could never remember it. I might even have talked about it here. However, all month the word Abundance has been rising to the top of my thoughts. The above mentioned new diet features abundance in all the fresh and tasty fruits and veg available to me, even here in the heart of Arizona, where aside from household gardens, no crops are grown at all. I find that amazing, how much beautiful food and produce is right in my local grocery stores. So I’m claiming the word Abundance and making that my word of 2022. What is abundant in your life?

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Where will I Be?

Just took a look at my Where Will I Be page on my website and realized that it’s woefully out of date. I had the Tempe FanCon this last weekend and totally enjoyed all of the great cosplay costumes people young and old wore. Next up is Phoenix Fan Fusion, which dropped the January proposed date and is back scheduled for its normal time, Memorial Day weekend. Even more fun, it’s the event’s 20th anniversary! I’ll be there in Artists Alley, as soon as I find out my table number, I’ll post it here and on my website. I’d better make my hotel reservations! https://phoenixfanfusion.com/


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