Saturday Relaxing: Daily Blog Post

Pretty Picture of my Sungold Cherry Tomatoes


Saturday was relaxing for me. The hubby has been sick but on Saturday, felt pretty well. I trimmed my lavender bush and gave the blossom stems to a friend who makes lotions. I went to the Farmer’s market and bought basil and microgreens. I also talked to a number of friends as I made my way around the stalls. When home, made chicken vegetable soup so the hubby would have something easy on the tummy to eat.

I did try to play Mahjong Trails on Facebook but must be several million other people were trying to play too. The game was so slow to load, I just gave up.

No writing work today. Yesterday I left off edits of The Challenge about half-way through the book so I’m progressing nicely.

That’s it for today!

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Chicklets in the Kitchen: Pasta Primavera

Pasta, Primavera, Ingredients

Pasta Primavera Ingredients

It’s summer and the Farmer’s Market is overflowing with fresh, beautiful vegetables. We’re fortunate enough in our area that we have local dairies as well, both fresh cow’s milk butter and cheeses and goat’s milk cheeses and delicacies. If you haven’t been to your Farmer’s Market yet this year, you’re missing out. Last Saturday I scored marvelous young Swiss Chard, just picked cherry tomatoes, and fresh goat cheese. I had a plan when I went, you see, to pick up just those luscious things for Saturday night dinner, Pasta Primavera.

Pasta Primavera is great for whatever vegetables you happen to pick up at the market or what’s growing in your garden. You can substitute whatever you have for what I used. Feel free to mix and match.

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