Slave Elf Part 29: Flash Fiction Friday Post

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Part 29

Delia woke in a stone room. Kaya was already awake, beside her. “I’ve already walked the room. The door is solid oak with iron laced through it and locked. The window it too high for me to reach. Both of them have protection wards on them.

Delia touched the back of her head. Her fall, or perhaps the elves when they brought her here, knocked her wound open. It hurt and, she looked at her hand, it was bleeding. “Can you look at my head please? My head is bleeding.” She scooted around so her back was to Kaya. She felt fingers gently probe her head and part her hair.

“Oh, yes. It’s broken open. Let me see if I can help.”

Delia felt that spot on her head get warm, the pain went away. “That feels better.”

“Good.” Kaya sat back against the wall. “I was out long enough for my power to regenerate.”

“I’m glad. Any idea how long we were unconscious?”

Kaya shook her head. “I’m not sure. I was totally drained when we were captured and I’m not sure how long it should or would have taken to get back to full strength. So, it could still be today or we may have lost a day. Or more.”

“More?” Delia sagged against the wall. She thought about the battle that had been raging when they were captured. Was her father all right? What happened at the battle? Was he worried? Was he dead? A soft sigh escaped her lips.

“I know.” Kaya took Delia’s hand. “We don’t know anything and it’s easy to drop into despair. So let’s tally up the good points. First, we’re alive.”

Delia chuckled. “I suppose that is a good point. Yes.”

“Next, we seem to have all of our powers and faculties. Every body part works.”

“That’s so.” Delia began to feel better. “And now that I think of it, my head was bleeding, and I’m not covered in blood so not too much time must have passed.”

Kaya grinned. “That’s true. Clever of you to think of that. I guess I was wallowing in some despair myself.”

Delia patted Kaya’s hand and let out a big breath. “The battle could still be going on.” She stood up and looked up at the window. “You’re smaller than I am. If you stood on my shoulders, do you think you could see outside?”

Kaya got up and stood beside Delia, looking at the window. “Maybe. Let’s try it.”

Delia went to the wall under the window and put her hands on the wall. “I’ll make a knee so you can climb up.”

Kaya took her boots off and placed her left foot on Delia’s left knee. “I hope I don’t hurt you too much.”

“It’ll be worth it if we can learn something.” As Kaya shifted her weight to her right foot on Delia’s right shoulder, Delia straightened up. “Are you close?”

“I’m still below the window. I’m going to try and pull myself up.”

Delia felt the weight leave her shoulders so she stepped back from the wall to see. Kaya had both hands on the window’s edge, elbows bent as she made the effort to lift herself up. “Let me try to help.” She dashed over to Kaya and put a hand under each of her feet. “I’m going to push up, Kaya.” As she pushed, she focused and added a little power.

“It’s working! Keep going!”

Delia lifted until her arms were straight up. “That’s it. Can you see out?”

“A little. Tree tops mostly. Wait, listen.” Kaya was silent for a moment. “I can hear fighting!”

“My arms are getting tired.”

“Oh. Yes. You can let me down.”

Slowly, Delia lowered her arms until Kaya’s feet touched her shoulders. She braced against the wall again as the elf clambered down.

Kaya let out a big breath. “That was awkward.”

Delia brushed off her hands. “What did you see?”

“The moat below us. Cleared ground on the other side of the moat to the treeline. That’s it.”

“How high up are we?”

“High. Four stories or more.”

Delia paced around the room. Six paces to the door. Seven from one side of the room to the other. The room was clean, at least there was that. But no water or food and no place to relieve herself, not even an empty bucket.

“The window is open?”

“Yes. Except for the protection spell. I could feel my fingers tingling on the window’s edge.”

“So we are stuck here until someone comes to let us out.” Delia didn’t like that at all. It felt like it did when she was a slave.

“Pretty much.”

Kaya sat down, her back against the wall facing the door. “I’m going to take a nap.”

Delia nodded. Kaya must still be feeling the effects of her all out magical efforts from the morning. But Delia wasn’t tired. She paced back and forth in front of the door, stopping now and then to examine the door or parts of the wall. The sun set and the room grew dark and chilly. She finally went over to sit with Kaya. Delia found Kaya’s body warmth comforting, even if it was just arm to arm. At least she wasn’t alone.

When Kaya woke, the two traded stories about growing up. Delia found herself a little envious of Kaya’s tales of family outings, trips to other elf kingdoms, and her siblings’ antics, but the tales helped to pass the time and she was glad of that.

They were startled by the sound of a key in the lock of the door. It swung open on creaky hinges and they sheltered their eyes at the glare of a torch. It was one of the black elves. “Come.”

Delia scrambled to her feet. Kaya shoved her feet into her boots and rose also. “Where?”

The elf backed out of the room. “Come.”

Delia sighed. There was nothing else to do. She followed the elf into the hall where she saw three others waiting. Kaya followed her.

“Come,” the elf with the torch said. He led them down the hall to the left. Delia and Kaya walked side by side, the three other black elves following. They reached the end of the hall in a tower and went down flights of stairs to a landing that led to another hall. They followed that to a great room, a fireplace at one end, windows along the right wall, and a table in the middle set for supper.

At the head of the table was an elf, dressed all in black. On his right was Nethene and on his left, Cienno. Delia felt the hairs on her arms stand up. This could not be good.


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Slave Elf Part 28: Flash Fiction Friday

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See Part 1 here.

Part 28

Delia walked up to the edge of the moat as Kaya stood a little to her right and behind her to back her up if necessary. Delia wiped her hands on her trousers then focused as she raised her hands. Her mouth was so dry her tongue was sticking to the roof of her mouth. She refocused on the yellow bands, her energy forming the green magic. At the point when she thought she couldn’t hold the magic any longer, she released it, watching it flow across the moat and cover the yellow bands. She kept feeding the magic, urging it to cover every yellow line, smother it, eliminate it.

Beside her Kaya had her hands raised as well, green power circling her hands, ready to assist if needed. “You can do it,” she whispered.

Delia gave a brief nod. She had to stay focused. It wasn’t long before every yellow line was covered but something was wrong. “It doesn’t feel right.”

“What do you mean?” Kaya looked at her, eyebrows high.

“It’s not the same magic we practiced on. It’s wrong.”

“What’s it doing?”

“Resisting, pushing back.” Her arms began to shake with the effort. “I’m not sure I can hold it.”

Kaya through her magic at the bands. Delia could feel the other elf’s strength and it helped but it wasn’t going to be enough. “We have to build a wall. This is going to blow back on us and the army.”

Kaya had beads of sweat running down her temples. “How did you hold this alone?”

“No idea.” She drew a shaky breath. “Can you hold a few moments while I build a protection shield?”

Delia could see Kaya’s entire body vibrate with her effort.

“A very short time.”

“Here I go.” Delia removed her green magic and using the edge of the moat in front of her as an anchor, began weaving yellow bands in a circle. Around and around she went. Behind her she could hear her father ordering the army back. That was a little relief. She continued to build—around and around until the yellow wall was two stories high. She whispered the command and dropped her arms. “Stop, Kaya!”

Kaya fell to the ground, panting just as the protection on the gate flashed. Delia was knocked backward off of her feet, a wave of energy passing by, ruffling the grass and shaking nearby bushes. The army behind her roared. She twisted around to see what was happening.

Out of holes in the ground elves came running, dressed all in black, she could see that most of them had auras dark as night. Shaking, Delia realized that she and Kaya were on the wrong side of that mass of elves.

She crawled over to Kaya who was lying limp on the ground. “We must move!”


“The black elves are attacking from hidden tunnels. We’re on the wrong side. Move!”

Delia helped her to her feet and the two began working their way to the left at the edge of the moat. They hunched over, hoping to avoid being seen. Delia desperately wished for some bushes for cover but of course, none would be found this close to the moat. “We have to get far enough around the castle to cut back to the forest.”

“Yes.” Kaya was breathing harshly.

Delia didn’t like the sound of it but there was nothing she could do about it at the moment. Ahead, she could see the dust rising from Mystesto’s force. “Look. The same thing happened to them.”

Kaya raised her head. “Not good.”

“Not at all. We’ll try and cut into the forest here.”

Kaya nodded and did her best to move quickly. Delia tried to see all around her. Nothing was coming up behind them. Nothing was coming from Mystesto’s direction either. They were closing in on the tree line. She began to think they were going to make it.

They ran into the shade, a blessing in itself. Kaya struggled to stay on her feet. “I have to rest.”

Delia found a tree and helped Kaya sit, back against the trunk, on the side away from the fighting. She glanced around. They were alone. She knelt next to the apprentice. “Can you tell me what hurts?”

“Everything. I used the last of my strength to hold that spell.” Kaya stopped, breathing hard. “Then when the spell snapped, even with your shield, it felt as though I’d been whipped.”

Delia took a look at Kaya’s aura. It was very faded. “I’m sorry. You’ve been injured in a way I don’t know how to fix.”

“I just need rest. It’ll come back.”

Delia sat back on her heels. They were in a fix. She couldn’t carry Kaya. Two forces were fighting on either side of them. Neither of them had more than simple eating knives on them and they were cut off from their own side. Delia pressed her fingers to her temples as though that would generate an idea. All she could feel was panic.

“Take a breath.”

Delia shook her head with confusion. “What?”

“Take a deep breath,” Kaya said weakly. “I can see you’re panicking. Just take a breath.”

Delia felt like a selfish child that the injured elf had to comfort her. “Sorry. I don’t know what to do.”

“That’s fine. We’ll get out of this.”

Delia nodded. She refrained from asking how. She held Kaya’s hand. “Of course, we will.” As they sat, she listened to the battles on either side of them. The clang of sword on shield or sword on sword was loud. There was screaming, too, though she tried not to dwell on that. She worried about her father and the ambush. Was he safe? What about Mage Kaepli and Sisruo? Delia fought back the tears of fear and grief. Stop being a baby. You can’t stay here. Move! “We need to move, Kaya. We’re too close to the castle and the battle.”

“Let’s go then.”

Delia helped her to her feet and they did their best to move quietly through the forest. “It’s just a mile to our camp,” Delia whispered. “Do you think you can go that far?”

Kaya nodded.

They edged around a large bush and just beyond it, Delia heard a snap. She turned around and out of the bush emerged four male elves, dressed all in black like the ambushers. There must be a tunnel in that bush, she thought, just before one of the elves raised his hand and threw a blue ball of magic at them. She didn’t have time to untangle herself from Kaya. The ball hit them. Her last thought was, No!


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