Flash Fiction Friday Story: C5

I found out after I wrote C5 that today is also National Poetry Day.  What a nice coincidence.  Today’s offering is what’s sometimes called narrative poetry.

It’s so heavy.

Accepting so much steel and the small, squishy bits that control that steel.

It’s wings droop, loaded with the responsibility for getting the war machine from point A to point B.

The red lights wave, signalling it’s time to go.

But it’s so heavy.

It rolls so slowly, ponderously, across the tarmac to the point where it will begin its run.

Engines wind up, roaring until the ground shakes.

Squishy bits in their sleep awake, willing the beast into the air – pushing it higher with their thoughts.

A sigh of relief when it lifts off the runway; they subside into their slumber.

The sound of freedom fades into the distance.

The end

113 Words

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