Super Bowl, Happy February, House Decorating, The Party : Monday Blog Post

In my backyard, a Rufus Sided Towhee

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Apologies. I scheduled this for Monday the 3rd and I’ve spent all week trying to get it to post. So, given that, here’s the post.

So Sunday was Superbowl. We didn’t have big company or anything, but I still made chicken wings but with an oriental-style orange ginger sauce. I bought a half ring of shrimp to nosh on and made my own queso for the tortilla chips. Pretty low key. What was your fav snack for the big game? Did your team win?

Anyone else glad it’s February? I thought January lasted an extra four weeks at least. Nothing bad happened to me or my family. It just seemed like an extra long month.

Hubby has decided to paint the second bathroom. I guess he wants a project. He’s decided to paint it a light sage green. My feeling is that I don’t care, as long as it isn’t horrible. Anyone else let the spouse do the decorating? It’s just really not my thing.

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to my serial story, The Party. I know I’ve missed the last two Fridays. I’m a little overwhelmed with ideas about it, to be honest. That means I should be writing, but it’s sort of like standing in the grocery store cereal aisle. Just so many choices! Anyway. I think I have at least one character’s future identified. There may also be some joining up of characters. A big surprise for them because aside from my destroyed family, none of the characters know each other. We’ll see how it goes. If you’ve been reading the serial, if you like it or have a comment, feel free to drop a line or two in the comments. I’d love to hear from you.


The St. Patrick’s Day giveaway will start soon. I’ll post links as soon as I get them.

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CokoCon 2020, September 4 – 7th, DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Phoenix Tempe, 2100 S Tempe, AZ

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2 thoughts on “Super Bowl, Happy February, House Decorating, The Party : Monday Blog Post

  1. I posted a picture of my huge spread for Super Bowl including my snack stadium on my Facebook. I spent two days on food prep and sat down for only about half the game. My goal was for a gluten free meal minus the purchased wings from our local Timeless restaurant ( the owner being a diehard Patriots fan) and our hang out in Johnstown Romanas. I made Randy’s recipe of Mango Salsa and a nice Pico de Gallo all fresh made and hours of chopping by me. I spend two days curing and marinating the Kansas City Ribs my husband wanted ( a new recipe for me as I have never made ribs). I did my usual tarts for desert and I made a gluten free mini pie for our son and our guest. We had huge amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables enough so that I didn’t have enough room to try my ribs. I must admit they were an awesome lunch for work this past week cut off the bone and reheated. The game was a close one and this past week the critics were out in force on social media about the half time show. I thought the music was great and the clothing choices typical of a concert. As for the message it was suppose to convey, nah. It didn’t scream female power to me but the sex symbol message. This past week in upstate NY and Connies old stomping grounds, we had plenty of ice and snow enough for huge power outages and two cancelled school days. We get to look forward to single digit nights and some negative nights as well. This week My husband and I get to travel south to see our daughter and her family in somewhat warmer climates ( 50 degree days is a heat wave for us). We celebrated our grandsons birthday today and we were fortunate and blessed with such great technology that our two out of state children could share the birthday party via FaceTime. We had a breakfast themed birthday party including fruit kabobs, mini egg quiches and home made waffles. We were all decked out in our grandsons favorite PJ Masks party items and we made orange sticky splat from borax, water and elmers glue. Every child got to take the sticky splat home to play with, what lucky parents! I found out it works great to get dust, dirt and yes crumbs out of my car console, plus it Biodegrades well too. I hope you liked my reply Connie since you did say you wanted to hear from us. I love reading your Random Thoughts!

    • I saw the pictures of your Super Bowl spread. That was a lot of work! Orange splat! Sounds like the green slime I used to make for Elizabeth. Fun. Have fun down south. Fifty is better than zero degrees anytime.

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