Slave Elf Part 35: Flash Fiction Friday

Moon and Clouds by Randy Cockrell

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Part 35

She ran, Kaya following, hit the guard with a magic blast and with her magic, began to raise the portcullis. The clanging and banging brought more shouts. She saw Kaya look behind her and throw a blast at the first black elf out of the kitchen door.

When the gate was four feet off of the ground, Delia charged forward, Kaya on her heels. She let the portcullis drop as soon as they passed. “We have to get into the woods and hide.”

Panting, Kaya said, “That didn’t work so well the last time.”

“It will this time.”

They covered the half mile of open land quickly though Kaya was tiring fast. “Where?”

“There.” Delia pointed into the woods. It was the wrong side of the castle from their old camp but they needed to hide first.

Into the woods, Delia led them. She held Kaya’s hand and passed some of her strength to her friend. Kaya nodded and ran.

Delia used her sight. She could see the tunnels the black elves used. There, she thought. On the granite outcropping. She pulled Kaya to a granite mound and hid behind some boulders. She lifted one to make an impromptu cave. They sat, out of breath, listening.

“Will this work?” Kaya asked.

“Yes,” Delia whispered. “Shh.” She used her sight to follow their trackers. Iyunno was so angry, she could feel him from here. Delia pulled her magic around them, making them as granite. For hours they could hear the black elves casting back and forth. Ceinno and then Nethene riding by berating the black elves.

By dark, the hunters had retreated to the castle. Delia pulled her magical hide down. “Let’s go.”

“You have strength after all of that?”

“Yes. I’ll tell you how once we get farther away.”


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