Poetry: Flash Fiction Friday Post

Daffodils in a pot in my front yard.

Well, here it is, Saturday, and I forgot to post on Friday. If you read my Monday blog posts, you’ll know that I’m participating in April’s poetry month. I’ve posted some of my poems on my Facebook page but here are some others.

My Mom came to stay awhile.

She traveled, dined, and visited,

while settling into her lavender-colored room,

All through the autumn, So I could hold her hand when she passed.


A walk

Moving through woods

In peace and quiet



Green and tall

Standing in my yard, quietly

Like a quiet sentinel

If only it could speak


Food of the Gods.

Each bite fills my mouth with joy.

No matter the sauce, at my seat,

It brings comfort and warmth.

Woods in the morning

Mist rises between the trees

Sunlight filters down

Morning birdsong cheers me up

My heart rejoices with glee

That’s it for today. Enjoy your weekend.