On Writing and Gardening

Only two weeks left in June! I’m still struggling with getting my planning done for the book I want to write in the July National Novel Writing Month. (July NaNo for short.)

I’m having so much trouble I purchased Holly Lisle’s Plot Clinic (http://howtothinksideways.com/shop/) and am going through the exercises, trying to get my brain to come up with exciting ideas for the plot.

Other news, the garden is growing great guns. Tomatoes and eggplant have blossoms. The peas and string beans are already bearing fruit. Herbs look just luxurious and abundant. I’ve already cut thyme and oregano to dry for winter use. The potatoes are also doing well. Like all my other veggies, they’re in a 4X4 foot square foot raised bed. I haven’t grown potatoes this way so I’m pleased that it’s working.

I hope that whatever your endeavors, you’re doing well. Share your progress!