New Book by Eric Alagan: Mechanic Leigh

As a writer, I follow many other author’s blogs, tweets, facebook and Google+ pages. One of those I follow is Eric Alagan. His newest book, Mechanic Leigh is now out in paper back. You can check out his blog at:

Here’s what he has to say about Mechanic Leigh.

I’m happy to announce that Mechanic Leigh, paperback, is now available from Amazon. Please click on image for Amazon USA:

Click here for Amazon UK

Mechanic Leigh

Mechanic Leigh

The back cover contains eight (8) comments, a small selection from the many supporters of Mechanic Leigh. I reproduce these comments below:

I enjoy your Mechanic Leigh stories. The info on Singapore, the language and the cultural info wrapped in a clever and enjoyable prose – Stephen Baum, California, USA

Loved it as it took me back to my evil teen years – Ian Grice, Queensland, Australia

This whole saga of Mechanic Leigh is so beautifully written – Soma Mukherjee, New Delhi, India

I really enjoyed these Mechanic Leigh stories – Melissa Perera, Maryland, USA

Eric is a living testimony to the belief that if we write from the heart, we will touch other hearts – Jane Thorne, Buckinghamshire, UK

The characters are funny and such fun – Val Logar, Texas, USA

Every single episode resonates with my childhood experiences. The stories are very entertaining, light-hearted and uplifting – Jasey Chua, Singapore (Jasey does not blog)

The ghostwriter device is genius! I’m still chuckling – Jane Stansfeld, Texas, USA

Thank you all for your generous comments and support. My gratitude has no expiry date 🙂

Have a great week.

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2 thoughts on “New Book by Eric Alagan: Mechanic Leigh

  1. Hello Connie,

    This is marvellous and generous of you. Thank you.

    I believe authors can help one another by levering on the power of the internet. For most self-published authors, marketing and distribution are the greatest of obstacles. The internet has helped to lower the barriers somewhat.

    I’ve also displayed a book of yours on my blog with a link back to your bookshelf. I trust and hope this will bring my readers over to take a peek.

    All good wishes for the weekend and beyond,

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