Merry-Go-Round Blog Tour for February: What Would Be My Dream Writing Retreat?

New York City, Dusk, Lights

The big city by Randy Cockrell

A dream writing retreat? I don’t know. I’m new to writing, as many of you know from reading these posts. I started writing in late 2011. I have a nice set-up in the third bedroom of our house with a main computer, a small TV as a monitor, and a glass-topped desk. But I have been known to hand-write stories in the back seat of our car when we’re on a road trip, in the local coffee shop and even in a tiny notebook in the waiting area of the local tire shop when my car’s tires were being changed out.

But where would I love to be when writing? I would say a busy city street. It could be a café in Paris, a bus stop in New York City, the park in San Francisco. Any of those places would let me see life passing by in front of me. Isn’t that what writing is about? It’s a microcosm of what we see every day but turned, twisted, even. It’s a chance for us to say, What if? What about? How would that turn out?

I love living in the country but with so much space between people it’s harder to see the interactions. In the city though, people rub up against each other like sandpaper. The veneer is rubbed off fast and what’s underneath is the real story. So yeah, I’d say the city, where life is compressed and the action is right at the surface.
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2 thoughts on “Merry-Go-Round Blog Tour for February: What Would Be My Dream Writing Retreat?

  1. Interesting. I find people distract me when I’m writing. I spend most of my time hearing snatches of conversations, taking note of clothes and scenery, and basically gathering info for future stories. I can’t be gathering info if I’m putting words down on the page. I know there are writers who don’t like to be alone, though, and this helps me understand their perspective. Thank you.

    • Thanks for stopping by the blog. I grew up the oldest of 6 kids. I learned then how to block out distractions. But in my normal day-to-day writing I don’t have music or anything else going on. There’s already enough noise inside my head.

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