It’s Officially Summer!

Glow Stick Fun by Randy Cockrell 2013

Glow Stick Fun by Randy Cockrell 2013

It’s not a surprise. Here in central Arizona the days reach the ninety degree mark. Hot, hot, hot!

As you can imagine, the garden is taking off. The potatoes are ready to be dug up. The hot pepper plants are producing, the tomatoes are all in bloom. I have to keep an eye out now for hornworms. The buggers look exactly like a tomato leaf so they’re hard to see, until they’ve eaten half a plant, that is. I have some volunteer vines growing. At first I thought they were butternut squash, like last year, but the blossoms are too small. So these could be cantaloupe or cucumber. I have to wait to see.

Summer weekends in Payson are lively, to say the least. Friday night was a wine tasting at the local liquor store. We see a lot of our friends there each week. Saturday morning is the Farmer’s Market. It’s not just vegetables, though produce is there in abundance. There’s also canned goods, crafts, music and food. My favorite? The tamale’s. Yummy. Saturday evening’s are for the concert in the park. Hundreds of people come to these. The music is good. Kids get to run around on the grass playing Frisbee, tossing softballs, and having fun with glow sticks. Adults chat with friends. Fun for all and the local ice cream store and a hot dog vendor set up in the park, just in case you missed dinner.

Revolution was sent out to beta readers over a week ago and copies are coming back. So far so good, the readers seem to like the book. Once they’re all back, I’ll make the edits and turn it over to hubby for a final copy edit. The cover is nearly finished, too. I’m tweaking the front cover picture, then I’ll do a reveal.

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4 thoughts on “It’s Officially Summer!

  1. Oh that sounds good, your book “Revolution” nearing publication. I wish you success with it as well as a wide readership.

    As for summer, I’m glad it’s finally arrived in your part of world.

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