It’s June!

On a June Morning Laby by jchanders via

On a June Morning Laby by jchanders via

June already! 2014 is really flying by.

The garden is doing well. Zucchini and Yellow squash as well as a mystery squash have popped up. Peas and beans have sprouted. The tomatoes have flowers on them as do a few of the hot peppers. I put basil plants in this morning. And it’s water, water, water as it’s been in the 90’s and there’s no rain in sight until the July monsoon season arrives. I cut a large amount of oregano to hang and dry today. There’s still twice as much there to cut. The stuff is a little on the invasive side. The thyme, sage and rosemary look good this year too. I’ll cut and try those in a couple of weeks.

Saturday I went to the Farmer’s Market and attended the Garden Walk put on by the Rim Country Garden club. Two gardens each in Strawberry, Pine and Payson. Very lovely gardens and I saw quite a few people I knew so it was a fun day. We stopped in Pine at a new BBQ place called Mesquite. Nice people and the BBQ was great.

Writing work is ongoing. I’ve done the first editing pass of Revolution. I have a few large issues to address then I’ll type the changes in and hand the story off to beta readers. It’s a whole process and it all takes time. June is planning month for the July Camp Nano. I don’t even have an idea at the moment so I’ll have to apply some thought to what I’d like to write. As always I have an eye out for contests or places to submit my short stories. That’s a process too.

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