Ice Cream Maker, Interviews and Talks, The Garden: Monday Blog Post

Ice Cream Maker

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I mentioned a couple of days ago that I couldn’t find the motor half of my ice cream maker. I’ve looked, hubby has looked, and it is just not anywhere to be found. We went to the local Walmart on Sunday only to find they don’t carry any, at least at the local store. So of course, I’m headed off to Amazon when I finish with this post, to order one. I’m thinking Cuisinart, as I already have a Cuisinart food processor and really like the brand. Probably less than 2 quarts. I don’t have any recipes that make 2 quarts of ice cream. In the meantime, I dug out my popsicle forms and poured the ice cream base in there, then took out a metal bread pan and poured the rest of the base in that. As I was putting it in the freezer I remembered I should have lined the pan with plastic wrap for easier removal. Sigh. I can now look forward to a fight to get the ice cream from the pan, but I’ll manage somehow. I’ll take a picture when I get a bowlful or eat one of the ice cream bars. Hmmm, wonder if I can make a chocolate shell????


I’ve been contacted recently by a couple of different people to appear on their radio show and in March, as a speaker at their fund-raising event. The show interview will probably be this fall. Details are still being set up. But the March thing is solid. I’m pretty excited and will certainly share specifics with you all when I get them, and the dates get closer. Both of these came about because I was at the Payson Book Festival. For many authors, attendance at these kinds of book signings is a money losing proposition. We never sell enough books to cover the costs involved in attending. However, the main reason we attend is to talk to readers. And, sometimes, we meet people that want to bring us along for other events. These are ways to get to meet more readers and, perhaps, generate future purchases of our books. I love talking to others about my journey as an author and about my books. I’m looking forward to both of these events. In the meantime, if you’re looking for a speaker, check out my media page. I have samples of interviews I’ve done, and basic information about me for you to download. There is contact information as well. I’m always looking for new opportunities to meet readers.


The garden is going strong. I’ve been in a battle for the tomato plants the last few days. Since last Wednesday I’ve gotten rid of about three dozen tomato hornworms. Ugh. They eat the plant down to the stem and they do it fast! Above is a picture hubby took of just a few of them before I sent them over the fence into the drainage ditch.


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