How To Sell More Books With Social Media by Guy Kawasaki

I just listened through a webinar with Guy Kawasaki, hosted by CreateSpace. The seminar, How to Sell More Books with Social Media ran 1hour and 13 minutes. It’s on YouTube:

In the seminar, he went over ten tips for creating a social media presence. I know, a lot of indie published authors say it’s not necessary. Traditionally published authors say, “My publisher does all that.” I’m going to shrug. My thought is that if I’m self publishing, I need to do some marketing so why not use avenues available to me.

In the webinar he talks about the five main social services; FaceBook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and LinkedIn. I know, Google Plus seems to be an email but he said he uses it as a blog, he doesn’t blog anymore! He also offers tips on how to get to the magic number of 5000 users. That number, he believes, is the critical mass that will take your book to a best seller.

I won’t try and repeat everything he said. If you have an hour and fifteen minutes, listen to the webinar. I think this is of value to every author. I hope you do to.