Getting a Crown, Other Authors, Healthy Eating: Monday Blog Post

Newest News:

The 7th I’m scheduled for a crown. Not the pretty kind that the Queen of England gets to wear. The kind that has 2 or 3 people in your mouth with sharp implements. I’ve put it off for years but unless I want more trouble, I decided to go ahead and get it done. Adulting at its’ best.

Desert Burro at Oatman

Do you all follow other authors? I do. They get up to all sorts of things. They travel to places where their stories are set. They go to conferences in cool places like New Orleans or Miami. They have birthday parties and anniversaries and everything gets shared on their author page. Why? Because all of those experiences eventually get into their stories. I love following my favorite authors. All this to say my husband and I, after a long Covid delay and even longer than that, to be honest, have finally booked a couple of nights in Laughlin, Nevada. What’s there you ask? A river cruise on the Colorado river, complete with music and dinner, for one thing. Oatman, a historic small desert mining town complete with the descendants of the original burros. There’s gambling, of course, but after I lose about $40 I’m done with that. But like it’s big sister, Las Vegas, there are shows in Laughlin, and those can be fun, too. We’re doing that at the end of March and I’m looking forward to it. I figure it’s been about 4 years since we’ve taken any sort of vacation. Time to expand our horizons.

Still working out the vegan lifestyle. I found a facebook group of vegans in my hometown, and lots of people I know belong to this group. How cool is that? I’ve also been watching quite a few Youtube videos about vegan meal preparation. I find I need those videos to help me change my mindset about meals. I’ve been cooking for decades and it’s second nature on meal cooking in the old way. It’s not automatic for vegan cooking. I have to really think about it. So it’s helpful to watch videos on vegan dinners, vegan meal prep, vegan snacks, the whole thing. Last night I just skipped eating dinner because I had nothing in the refrigerator ready to go. Thinking about what to make was too much. So I just skipped the whole thing. I shouldn’t do that, of course, so I’m getting the fridge and pantry stocked and if nothing else, I could make some sort of vegan stir fry in a hurry, without a lot of fuss.

Stay tuned!


The Valentine’s Day giveaway is still live. There are 14 authors involved this time so a lot of great books and prizes are up for grabs. Go to my link, to enter.


Where will I Be?

The Desert Foothills festival in Scottsdale. Mark your calendar for June 4th, 9am to 2pm at the Holland Center, 34250 North 60th street. See you there. This is the first annual festival and I’m looking forward to it.

Phoenix Fan Fusion, which dropped the January proposed date and is back scheduled for its normal time, Memorial Day weekend. Even more fun, it’s the event’s 20th anniversary! I’ll be there in Artists Alley, as soon as I find out my table number, I’ll post it here and on my website. I’d better make my hotel reservations!


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