Garden, Fund Raiser, Smashwords July Summer/Winter Sale: Monday Blog Post

Newest News:

Sunday, I decided the potato vines had died back enough and I dug up the five plants that had self-seeded. The above picture is my entire harvest, about 10 pounds of potatoes. Most of them are red skinned. Those three plants not only self-seeded better but grew lots more potatoes. There are a couple of purple potatoes in there and a handful of Yukon Golds. It’s been my experience that the reds, at least here in my garden, produce much better than the others. In my climate, the potatoes started growing in March and I harvested on June 28th. I have time now to plant beets, but I expect the chipmunks will eat the baby greens as soon as their little leaves poke up through the soil. Sigh. I also pulled all but one of the bolted arugulas. Only one plant left to provide seed for a next planting. Time, I think, for a trip to the local garden center for some already half-grown veggie bedding plants. The critters may be less inclined to eat those.

I’m asking that people donate to my favorite 501c3 non-profit, the Payson Book Festival as my birthday fundraiser. Cancelled this year for the Coronavirus, I thought I’d try to get a jump on earning money so that the 2021 Payson Book Festival will be even better than before. So if you’d care to, pop on over to Facebook,, and drop a little money into the kitty. You can find out more about our festival at

The weather back to hot and dry and windy. Several small fires have popped up and been controlled. I am hearing rumors that the Forest Service will close the Tonto National Forest, because it’s so dry here. Everyone who lives here, hopes so, as it only takes one careless person to start a fire in this tinder dry environment.

I’ve seen some Facebook posts from people asking what everyone is doing for the 4th of July. My answer: Nothing. I’m staying home. I’m not going out without a mask. I’m not starting a fire. All the usual town events are cancelled, if not for the Corona, then to help keep fire danger down. Maybe I’ll grill. Remains to be seen.

Stay safe. Stay well.


New sale! Over on Smashwords starting the 1st of July, it’s the summer/winter sale. Several of my books are on sale and I hope you get a chance to go to that site and check them out. Click on the link and scroll through the list to see books on discount sale. Have fun and check out some other authors while you’re there! Don’t forget. The sale starts 1 July and ends on the 31st.

The spring giveaway, Spring Flings and Book Things, is nearly over. Want to win a prize? You can get to it here, on my Giveaways page.

Where will I Be?

Phoenix Fan Fusion, September 25th – 27th. This event has been postponed until the end of September. Note that the event is a day shorter, starting on Friday rather than Thursday. For people who have special Thursday passes and other special tickets, check out the Fan Fusion website for details on how those will be handled.

Pine Library, 6124 W. Randall Place, Pine AZ, Friends of the Library meeting, has been officially rescheduled. The new date for my appearance is October 26th, still at 1pm. So if you happen to be in Pine, AZ, on that date, come on by. I’ll have some books available for purchase and signing.

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Gold Dreams released May 13th, 2019. It is up on Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, (Direct link doesn’t work, copy the URL and paste it into your browser, or go directly to and search for Gold Dreams, Connie Cockrell), and Smashwords. The print version is available on Amazon. You can also see all my books on If you’ve read any of my books, please drop a short, honest, review on the site where you bought it or on Goodreads or BookBub. Your review is critical to help me promote the books to other readers. Thanks in advance.

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