Flash Fiction Friday: Not a Normal Evening

My son-in-law posted this in raw form on his facebook page. He was kind enough to let me borrow it. I’ve cleaned it up a bit, tightened the wording, and made it exactly 100 words long, yep, a drabble. ¬†Enjoy.

Not A Normal Evening

I was talking with my neighbor, Dan, about the price of bottled cat urine in Croatia, when a Wookie burst through the wall of my apartment and demanded all of my post-it notes. Not the small ones either, the regular size ones. Dan began to hyperventilate. He’s never been one to deal well with unexpected alien arrivals. I gave the Wookie the two pads in my possession. He wasn’t very happy, of course, but he left without doing much more damage. I poured Dan a shot of whisky and started calling emergency handymen. That wall wasn’t going to fix itself.

The End

100 Words

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  1. “Like” I might just have a whiskey drink at happy hour with the girls in a bit!

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