Flash Fiction Friday: Can’t Come In Today

This story was generated during an exercise as part of the Holly Lisle How to Write Flash Fiction That Doesn’t Suck class. This idea caught my fancy. Here’s the finished product.

Can’t Come In Today

“Mike, I can’t come in today. There’s a monster coming up the valley toward my house!” I nearly shouted into the phone. Melinda pulled the phone away from her ear. Sirens and sounds of automatic gunfire came in through the open window. “Mike, I’ve got to go. Now!” She punched the off button and tossed the phone on the table. She ran over to her husband, peering out of the front door. “What’s happening?”

Dave shook his head. “I don’t know.” He held up a hand, “Listen!”

The forested valley kept them from seeing what was going on but they could hear a horrible shrieking coming from the creek bed.  The phone rang. Melinda grabbed it from the table.

“Mom! What’s the police scanner say?” She put her hand over the mouthpiece. “Dave, she says the National Guard is trying to stop the monster but it’s pushing right through them. It’s headed this way.” She uncovered the mouthpiece, “Thanks, Mom.” Ending the call she carried the phone with her back to the front door. “Should we evacuate?”

“Where can we go? The roads are blocked.” He left the door and ran to the bedroom.

More shrieking and gunfire rang out. The tops of the trees began waving, “Dave, I think it’s coming!”

Running back, his .22 rifle was in his hands.

“That’s not going to be any good if the Army’s weapons aren’t stopping it.”

He loaded the rifle. “It’s all I’ve got.”

They saw it break through the trees. Melinda gasped. The monster was more snake-like than she expected. Green scales covered its’ body and short legs carried it up the creek bank. It raised its’ long neck and opening it’s huge mouth, gave another roar. It walked up the road, National Guard soldiers circling around to get in front of it. Two helicopters flew overhead, adding to the noise and confusion.

“It’s headed right for us!” Melinda shouted over the noise. She ran to the back door, Dave right behind her. Too late. The monster was coming around the end of the house. They slammed the door shut, peeking out of the morning room window at the beast. It began digging in the hillside behind the house, sod and bushes flying through the air. Soldiers surrounded the house, several coming in the front door.

“Get down!” they yelled.

Dave and Melinda ignored them. The monster was continuing to dig. Now sand was flying in every direction. The commander came up behind them. “You have to get away from the window!”

“Look!” Melinda pointed. “I think it’s digging a nest.”

Moments later the monster backed into the hole it had dug. Giant eggs fell into the sand. The commander ordered cease fire on his radio. Watching the monster cover its’ eggs with sand, he ordered his troops to fall back. They escorted it all the way back to the lake.

Melinda called her boss. “I quit. I’ve got eggs to hatch.”

The End

492 Words

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