Exciting Week

Pink Flower by Connie Cockrell

Pink Flower by Connie Cockrell

It’s been a bit of a tough week for me. Last Tuesday I was at lunch in a restaurant with my husband when I bit into a tater tot and had a bottom molar disintegrate(with crown). Nothing like a mouth full of potato and tooth. I was able to see the dentist that afternoon. He ground the broken bit down so I wouldn’t cut myself then scheduled me for a new crown the next morning. Four hours later I was home with a new crown and minus $800 as my insurance wouldn’t cover a new crown for that tooth. They said they’d only cover a new one every 5 years and I was 6 months too early. Sigh. What can you do?

The tooth thing took me through Wednesday. Then on Saturday hubby and I drove about 200 miles to see a friend in Prescott. After a nice lunch and chat, we parted ways. Hubby and I did a little shopping but were on the road about an hour after lunch. Being diligent, I took that ride time to draft out another chapter in the book I’m using as my Two Year Novel project. The farther we went the worse I felt. I finished the scene and tossed the notebook into the back seat then tried to deal with the pain in my abdomen. I eyed passing scenery with the idea I might have to stop. A full on sweat broke out and I began to feel shaky. Finally, just after the tiny town of Strawberry, about 15 miles from home I had the hubby pull the car over and proceeded to loose my lunch on the side of the road.  Still sweating and shaky we made it home but I spent about 20 minutes in the bathroom. It was definitely food poisoning. Fortunately my system seemed to clear the problem over the next 5 hours. I woke up Sunday morning feeling pretty good and went for a walk.

First Encounter, the first book in my new Brown Rain series released on September 18th as promised. You can get all of the links to purchase at the end of this post. I sent out a newsletter with the announcement and an offer that’s just for newsletter subscribers. Do you want in on the action? Look below for a link to the Newsletter sign up button.

The garden is in fall mode. The peppers, both sweet and hot, are finally turning to the colors they’re supposed to be. I may be able to roast and freeze the hot peppers soon. I have poblano and Fresno chilis. They’ll be very good this winter in my chili. I’m still am picking more cherry tomatoes than we can eat. This won’t last much longer. I expect some sort of hard frost anytime now.

The picture accompanying my blog today was taken by me on a recent hike. It’s still rainy season here in Arizona and the wildflowers are out in force.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

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