Crazy month, Orchid News, Healthy Eating: Monday Blog Post

Eagle catching fish by Randy Cockrell


Newest News:

What a crazy month. I had something schedule every day the last 3 weeks. A couple of things were fun, but most were volunteer work or doctor visits. This last week of February is much slower which is a relief. I did sign up for a new book festival, the Desert Foothills festival in Scottsdale. I know the organizer, and this is her first festival. I think it will be great. Mark your calendar for June 4th, 9am to 2pm at the Holland Center, 34250 North 60th street. See you there.

An update on my orchid. The 6th bloom has opened. Did I mention I’d been giving it African Violet fertilizer? It seems to be doing okay.

Still eating healthy. Changed from raw vegan to just vegan. I really missed hot meals at supper time. I just couldn’t get warm. I’m doing much better on this plan. It’s tough to go out to eat though. Most places only have a salad as a vegetarian option. Most don’t do vegan at all unless they’ll let you make modifications to your meal. Still, it’s easier than raw food vegan, so there’s that. I’m down about 13 pounds since the beginning of the year, so I’m pleased. I’ll be more pleased when I do my blood tests in the middle of March and I see some changes to liver, thyroid, and other numbers that went wonky. Celiac will do that, so we’re hoping the change of diet will put everything right.

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Stay tuned!


The Valentine’s Day giveaway is still live. There are 14 authors involved this time so a lot of great books and prizes are up for grabs. Go to my link, to enter.


Where will I Be?

Just took a look at my Where Will I Be page on my website and realized that it’s woefully out of date. I had the Tempe FanCon this last weekend and totally enjoyed all of the great cosplay costumes people young and old wore. Next up is Phoenix Fan Fusion, which dropped the January proposed date and is back scheduled for its normal time, Memorial Day weekend. Even more fun, it’s the event’s 20th anniversary! I’ll be there in Artists Alley, as soon as I find out my table number, I’ll post it here and on my website. I’d better make my hotel reservations!


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