Common Grounds Market News, Electric Light Parade, Christmas Prep: Monday Blog Post

Payson Walking Pine Tree handing out candy at the 2021 Electric Light Parade by Randy Cockrell


Newest News:

Saturday was a busy day for me. From 9am till 2pm, I was at the Common Grounds Christmas Market. I shared a booth with an Arizona Professional Writers author friend Chrisann Dawson. We talked to a LOT of people and sold some books. The weather was fantastic. If you were able to come by, thank you. If you missed it, I’ll be at the Twilight Tuesday market on Dec 14th. See all the details below.

Common Grounds Xmas Market 2021

At 5pm on Saturday, we met up with some friends of ours and their family for our town’s Christmas parade. It was fun going with 3 young, rambunctious boys. They loved everything! The picture above is of our town’s walking pine trees. The group participates in several events each year promoting our area’s tourism. They’ve been in quite a few electric light parades in the state and appeared in parades for many football games.

Now, like many of you, I need to finish decorating inside my home. The outside is now done. There is baking to do, candy to make and I need to get the presents for my daughter in the mail soon. I don’t have my Christmas cards done yet either. No matter, what ever gets done will be fine and whatever doesn’t get done can be done next year.

Stay tuned!


The Pumpkin Posse Authors Halloween Giveaway is now closed! As soon as the winner names are drawn, I’ll let you know.

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Where will I Be?

The Twilight Tuesday Christmas Market this year will run from November 9th, 3 – 6pm to December 21st. I have obtained two appearance dates, when I only expected one so I’m pretty happy about that. I had a booth date of November 23rd, and one for December 14th. Come on by, check out our version of a European Style Christmas market and enjoy.


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