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P1010937-1000x750 RAF Chicksands Priory by SBuxton

P1010937-1000×750 RAF Chicksands Priory by SBuxton

Here’s the deal. I was informed of this cool web site: (   and a challenge they are running. Here’s their challenge:

 We are inviting all bloggers to write a post about absolutely anything espionage or wedding related. Link back to this post to be entered in a contest for a $25 Amazon card and a copy of RISKY BRIDES.

Write about your favorite Bond movie, your favorite historical spook, or how you used to spy on your siblings. Tell us about your wildest bachelor party, you favorite wedding, or your worst bridesmaid’s dress. If you manage to write about both spooks and weddings in the same post, you’ll have your name entered twice.

So, really, how can I go wrong?

Here’s the post.

As some of you may remember, I spent 20 years in the U.S. Air Force. One of the best assignments I ever had was to RAF Chicksands in the United Kingdom. It was a small, tranquil base about an hour north of London. We didn’t have planes. We had antennas.

The antennas were for listening to what was going on in Europe. I’m sure if anyone is interested they can find information on the internet about “Elephant Cages” and what information was being gathered.

What I liked about the place was that it was an excellent location for my family. We arrived there just as my daughter was turning eight. She was sure that because her name was Elizabeth, she’d be invited to Buckingham Palace to meet the Queen. Unfortunately that never happened but we did stay there for two tours. We left that idyllic base when my daughter was 16.

One other aspect of the base that was a real draw was that the base had a Priory. An old religious cloister sat smack dab in the middle of the base. It was the hub of many social activities. It never hurt that it had a ghost. Halloween parties were a huge deal. But the place was so lovely, many a wedding was held there. There was a volunteer organization that worked to fund building repairs, keep the gardens up, and just make use of the place.

That was by far my best assignment and many of us that served there still chat via social networks. It no longer serves as a military installation and the Elephant Cage is long gone but the Priory is still there, and I expect, still hosting weddings.

In other news:

By the way, NaNo has started and I’m just ahead of my target goals. I love that. Then if I have to miss a writing day, I’m not all behind and weepy.

I’ve also developed a cover for the cozy mystery I’m writing. Just for giggles, I’ve loaded it on my Pinterest page. Check it out: That would be my My Books and Stories board, Mystery at the Fair is the cover pin.

That thyme? I got it down, spent an hour and a half picking the leaves from the stems and hung both rosemary and sage to dry.

Last week I talked about Christmas Cards. No can do. But, I’m not giving up my candy making. I’ll try and do some steps in advance in November that can be held in the fridge until I’m ready to complete them and get the tins in the mail.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

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5 thoughts on “Challenge The Spy/Bride Post

  1. First and foremost, thank you for your service, Connie.

    Who would have thought that someplace named “Chickensands” could be so beautiful? Not to mention so important. SIGINT operations such as Elephant Cage were invaluable during the Cold War. I’ll be sure to point Holmes to your post.

    Thank you for your entry.

      • Connie,
        My husband, Fletcher, was the dentist there from 1980 through 1983….best time of our lives! Do you by any chance have pictures of the giant Christmas cards that organizations made an displayed in front of the priory? Can’t believe I didn’t take a pic of that!
        Thanks, Janet Fosque

        • I made one of those cards with my daughter for the Girls Scouts. Let me see if I can find a picture. Those were so fun. We were there at the same time!

        • Janet, I found a couple of pictures of the card we made for the Girls Scouts. How can I send it to you?

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