Cell Phones: Daily Blog Post

Samsung Galazy J7



My whole deal Wednesday was cell phones. I had a phone quite awhile back that I used just for emergencies. It was a dumb phone. All it did was make phone calls. After I started writing and going to events, it became clear that I needed a smart phone. After all, not only did I want to be able to use the Square for taking credit card payments, but I wanted to post to social media about whatever event I was at. That was a, um, three years ago.

Since I’m old, I’m also cheap, er, um, thrifty. I was not going to pay $700 for a phone. I tried using a smart TracPhone and that was fine for a bit but didn’t really meet my needs so about two years ago I went to Consumer Cellular (they use AT&T as their provider), and bought a phone, a Moto 3G. I got it set up, struggled to learn all the stuff the phone could do and all was fine for about a year. Then the sim card filled up. I couldn’t update my apps, including my Square app, which was going to be problem. I futzed around for over a year, trying this, that and the other thing and finally, about three weeks ago the phone started telling me it couldn’t do system updates.

I managed to make it through the Payson Book Festival with the phone operational but Wednesday, I finally went to a local guy, a Verizon seller, and asked for help. What a great guy! I told him what I use the phone for and he did some searching and ended up telling me to go to Amazon or back to Consumer Cellular and buy from them. Right! A wonderful fellow. Anyway, I searched Amazon, and the CC sites and finally called Consumer Cellular. Nice young woman talked to me and I finally sprung for a new (I was considering refurbished) Samsung Android 7. It should arrive Friday. I did not spend $700. I didn’t have to change my service plan. When I get the phone, I’m going to take it and my old phone to my local seller and pay to have him transfer everything over to the new phone. The least I can do, am I right?

So that’s my phone story. I’ll let you know how it goes.

That’s it for today!

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