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Newest News:

I’m finalizing the author registrations for the Payson Book Festival. That involves tracking down the authors who owe me files and getting them up on the website. We have a wonderful group of authors lined up covering every genre in fiction and non-fiction that you can think of. We’re also looking for sponsors. Putting on a festival of this size costs money and if you can support us, we’d love it. You can find an on-line fillable form on

There’s only a couple of weeks left before April’s Camp NaNo and my plotting for the next Zoe Ohale story isn’t going well. I’m just writing scene cards and it all seems trite and done before. Sigh. I’ll keep working at it. Have you read the first Zoe Ohale book, Troubled Streets? Where do you think Zoe should go next?

All the roses are trimmed and the canes disposed of. The oregano and lavender dead stems were trimmed. Compost has been restarted. I dug out the broccoli stems and planted potatoes. The apple tree I thought I’d lost last spring has a shoot coming up from the root stock. That’s pretty exciting! I’m going to let it grow and see what it is. I failed to trim the peach tree and now it’s in full bloom. I guess I’m going to have to do it now. The nectarine tree is also in bloom and between them, my rosemary is blooming. The pink and blue flowers look so nice together. The garden is looking good!

This is Dos. He’s ready to be adopted.

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“Because They Matter”

Have you been reading my serial, Mystery at the Dog Park? The episode is coming up this Friday. I’m using pictures of dogs up for adoption from the Payson Humane Society to illustrate each section. Links to each section are at the top of each post so it’s easy to go back to the first episodes and catch up. Enjoy.


My multi-author giveaway is called Luck O’the Readers, St. Patrick’s Day Giveaway is now over. I’ll be contacting the winners soon. In a few days I’ll have the spring giveaway up. If you missed out on the last one, the next will be your chance to win.


Shout Out:

A shout out this week to my poet friend Carena del Uno. She’s releasing a book of poetry this week, Echoes Within the Wondrous. Carena’s Amazon author page is where you can find her other books, too.


Where Will I Be?

Check my website, for my next engagements.

In April, I’ll be part of B2BCyCon, an on-line conference that runs from April 7th to the 10th. Events are open to readers and here’s a link to my Science Fiction Author Showcase: On this link I’ll be talking about the whole Brown Rain series and my other books in general. I may even offer up a prize. I’ve added some content. Please feel free to comment on the posts. Are you a Goodreads user? Love to see you there. If you aren’t a Goodreads member, here’s your chance to find a ton of books, chats with other readers and even ask an author a question. Me included!

I’m also on a scifi webinar panel discussion on March 22nd at 1pm Eastern time titled The new age with Doctor Who, Star Trek, and Star Wars? Are we looking at a new audience? This webinar will be conducted early and recorded then replayed during the con so you have two chances to listen in! How cool is that! I’ll publish more info as I get it.

I have contracted for a booth at Phoenix ComiCon with some other author friends. The ComiCon is May 25 – 28th and you can find details for tickets, events, special guests, at I would be so excited to see you in the Exhibits Hall.

July 22nd is the Payson Book Festival. I have to say, this festival has turned into quite a thing. Over 600 people came to it last year. The tables have already been filled with authors. You can find out who is attending at The event is free to visitors and starts at 9am and runs until 3:30pm. Details about the location, video from last year, and more, can be found on the site.


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Newest Book Release:

Mystery in the Woods released on December 24th! I’m pretty excited about it. You can buy it and my other books at: Apple, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords, today! You can also see all my books on If you’ve read any of my books, please drop a short, honest, review on the site where you bought it or on Goodreads. It’s critical to help me promote the books to other readers. Thanks in advance.