Author Interviews: Meghan O’Flynn

Author Meghan O'Flynn

Author Meghan O’Flynn

Today we’re welcoming in the new year with Meghan O’Flynn. Meghan is a clinical therapist, writer, artist, wife, and mommy. She adores her amazing little boys, dark chocolate, tea, dirty jokes, and back rubs with no strings attached, in that order. She writes psychological suspense novels and is amazed that her husband still agrees to live with her after reading them.

I appreciate you taking the time to chat with us, Meghan, so let’s get started.

Hi, I’m Meghan. And I’m an author.

I’d describe my writing style as emotive with a side of snarky, heavy on the character development (I’m a shrink, it’s what we do). But I think what makes my work interesting overall is its unpredictability. It’s a virtue for a mystery writer, I presume, perhaps less so for an interview questionnaire, and yet, here we are, answering question number five instead of question number one like it’s the most natural thing in the world.

Maybe I have trouble thinking linearly. Maybe I’m a jerk. Jury’s still out.

Coffee, tea, soda or something else?

Tea. It goes better with vodka.

I kid, I kid, I never drink vodka, but I am a tea geek. I have about twenty-five different kinds of loose leaf tea: Bancha, Houjicha, Matcha, Yerba Mate, Pu Erh, Wu Yi Oolong (because screw the Makaibari estate). It’s an obsession. But it’s cheaper than shoes. Or cocaine.

Clearly my favorite hobby is telling jokes, as anyone on my newsletter knows (so if you’re into that, sign up at or visit my book group, Meghan O’Flynn’s Partners in Crime). Riddles, knock-knocks, dirty limericks–all awesome. So I guess I’d spend my perfect afternoon with a clown. (But not one like the masked man in my third novel, Repressed. That bastard has issues.)


Speaking of, Repressed hit the shelves back in December, but I’m following it up in just a few short months with Hidden, both installments in my Ash Park mystery series. And as I round out the Ash Park series this year, I’m working on a novel with a supernatural edge. Creepy. Chilling. Fun.

I sound insane, I know. After years of clinical therapy practice, I might be. And though I have enough stories in my brain to last a lifetime, I sometimes immerse myself in situations to get into a character’s head. When I was working on Famished,, I wrote all the killer’s stalker scenes out on my back porch. By moonlight. It looks creepy as heck, but it keeps the neighbors away. Which gives me more time for jokes and tea.

As for my best advice for new writers: Don’t stop. You’ll have days where you wonder what you’re doing. Why you’re wasting your time. Nights when you want to throw your computer out the window at the neighbor’s cat for breaking your concentration (little fluffy punk). Keep going. Get an editor. Breathe. You’ll make it. And in the meantime, there’s always pretentious tea drinking and dirty limericks.

Thank you, Meghan. It was fun to mix around the questions. I’ve enjoyed talking to you.

Readers, you can find Meghan on her website at or her Facebook group, Meghan O’Flynn’s Partners in Crime, Go ahead, visit her on either site.


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