Almost Christmas

Tuba, Lights, Christmas, Parade

Lights on Tuba, Christmas Parade 2013

Merry Christmas to you and your families. It’s the season of merry-making. Sunday we attended a pot-luck at a neighbor’s house. This week my daughter and her boy-friend will be in town. Christmas dinner will be Tuesday night at my house, Wednesday afternoon at his family’s house. Christmas day a couple we hike with is opening their home up in the afternoon for a get together, chili being the main offering, with the rest of us bringing something to share. There are a great many retirees in my town and most often the children and grandchildren are far away. So for those of us not travelling, this is a way to make the day merry and bright.

I have finally finished cleaning up the garden beds. I spent a lot of time pulling mint roots out of the bed. I most certainly did not get them all. It will be a multi-year fight to remove it all. But I’ve got green onions up. They don’t mind the cold or hard frosts at all. I also had 5 potatoes left in the ground. I tucked them in. Next spring I’ll have 5 potato plants. Yay! I still need to get bags of compost and layer that on top of each bed. If I sprinkle a few parsley seeds in one square of my square-foot garden, I’ll have parsley first thing in the spring.

My Mom arrived last Tuesday. She’s spent the week settling in. There are already a few pictures scattered around her room. This week we’ll continue the process of getting her set up with doctors, supplemental health insurance and other necessities of life.

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