Flash Fiction Friday Post: Extra Baggage

Zoe Ohale squatted in the shade, her back against the brick wall of the pawn shop. In front of her was the market in the parking lot on Antares Road between the pawn shop and discount clothing store. She could … Continue reading

NaNo Week 1: Monday Blog Post

Newest News: This is the end of week one of the 2016 National Novel Writing Month. As of the end of the day, Sunday, I have over 15k written in my fourth Brown Rain series novelette, Tested. I say novelette … Continue reading

Peachy August: Monday Blog Post

Newest News: The book festival is over, now it’s time to go full steam ahead on the Northern Gila County Fair. www.NorthernGilaCountyFair.com. We have totally revamped the website and designed a new logo and they look so good! You should … Continue reading

August Already: Monday Blog Post

Newest News: So I have had a week’s recovery from the Payson Book Festival, held July 23rd. It was a great success with over 90 authors and over 600 visitors. Food, music, story-telling, author presentations and all of those authors … Continue reading

My Birthday: Monday Blog Post

Newest News: I suppose it doesn’t hurt to tell you that my birthday was yesterday. At my age I don’t celebrate big. I don’t actually want much. I’m decades beyond wanting a party, or cake. It’s enough to mark the … Continue reading

Bits and Pieces: Monday Blog Post

Newest News: My friend, Carole Emma Mathewson has released her book World War II: On the Home Front. A look at the effect of World War II on a young girl from rural California. I’ll have to admit, there were … Continue reading

Happy Fourth of July: Monday Blog Post

Newest News: Happy Fourth of July everyone. I hope your weekend has been both wonderful and safe. We’re heading over to a friend’s house this evening. It’s situated on a hill overlooking the park where the fireworks are set off. … Continue reading

Monsoon Season Starts: Monday Blog Post

Newest News: Hubby has painted the inside stucco wall to match the stone and is finishing an art project to paint Arizona-themed pictures on there. Picture is above. What do you think? The hands in the picture are ours. His … Continue reading

Hot Stuff: Monday Blog Post

Newest News: It’s been a crazy week at the Cockrell house. The new patio has been constructed and over the last couple of days, hubby has painted the inside stucco wall to match the stone and is considering an art … Continue reading

Mid-June Madness: Monday Blog Post

I cannot believe it’s the middle of June already. So many things I wanted to get done by now and I’m not even close. One of those things is that I’m re-working the cover to Mystery at the Fair. Actually, … Continue reading