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    • She was in talking with me when hubby went out to take the pics. Sorry about that. It would have been good to have her in the pic.

    • Hi Careta Lue. If you click on the link on the newsletter page you can sign up to the newsletter of your choice! If you do it, you’ll get the free book I offer for signing up.

    • Hi, Mary.
      Thank you so much for wanting to be part of the fun. Just go to the Newsletter tab, click on one of the links. You get a free ebook for joining if you do it yourself!

    • Jeanna,
      Thank you so much for replying! Just click on one of the two links. It will take you to a signup page. Doing it yourself, will win you a free story!

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    • Hi Maria.
      Just click on either one of the links on the Newsletter page to sign up for my newsletter and get a free ebook!

  9. I would love to have you critique my first book. It is about an undetectable computer and cell-phone virus. I have stolen 1 billion from bad guys all over the world and donated it to charity. The book is fiction, of course. I have been a computer programmer since 1970 and a web page developer since 1996. I plan 5 books in this series. The book is “The Robin Hood Virus”. It is on amazon.com and the preview is at http://www.therobinhoodvirus.com Thank You…bob

    • Robert, Thank you for contacting me. Unfortunately, I have several writing obligations that prevent me from taking on your critique project. May I suggest fellow authors in your critique group or groups. Or, since it’s already published, book bloggers who specialize in your genre. Other good reviewers can be found in your email list. Your fans would be more than happy to provide you reivews for an Advance Reader Copy. Good luck with your series.

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